Lotus Institute of Holistic Health is dedicated to the most innovative and cutting-edge information on integrative medicine available in the world today, based on the ever-expanding medical literature. Offering courses for the public and for health practitioners, the institute aims to provide frameworks and conceptual models that can help expand the understanding and scope of practice for doctors and other health practitioners. Offering a certificate of integrative medicine as a flagship program, and a range of specialty courses to expand your entire knowledge of holistic health. Check out our courses below, and see how you can expand your horizons today.



This is the flagship course in Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), also known colloquially as ‘Mold Illness’. In eight separate weeks with 18 chapters, Dr Gupta overviews the main theory of CIRS development and recovery from this illness, including identifying water-damaged buildings, remediation of the home or workplace, the CIRS treatment protocol and new approaches such as extreme mold avoidance and mold sabbaticals. Each week has multiple chapters with separate videos and PDF files for each chapter, and a MCQ quiz for each week. A certificate is issued on completion of the course. Very popular and highly rated.



This is the flagship course for health practitioners. Covers the major areas of integrative medicine including: mineral health, the microbiome, detoxification (including methylation), cellular energy pathways, environmental medicine, stealth infections and emotional and spiritual health. Offering a range of models which provide a framework for assessing and managing complex integrative medicine cases and templates for patient intake and review forms to provide an entire solution for practicing integrative medicine in the complex medicolegal climate facing practitioners at present.



Coming soon! A new course in applying basic principles of integrative medicine to your daily life. Includes information about diet, gut health, detoxification, emotional release, stealth infections and environmental remediation. Contains multiple steps which can be incorporating in your life immediately! Based on scientific advances in the field and the experience of top integrative medicine doctors Dr Gupta has worked with through his journey to become an integrative medicine physician.